VISIONAPARTMENTS is seeking prime properties to expand its business and bring the unique VISION to new locations and clients.

The company currently operates over 1,000 serviced apartments across Europe and is looking for opportunities to enhance its global presence. VISIONAPARTMENTS is interested in purchasing real estate for serviced apartments both within and outside of Europe (but in the German-speaking countries in particular). The company is searching for providers who offer corresponding properties.   

The real estate that will be taken into consideration should be located in well-developed central areas and be suitable for use as and/or conversion into serviced apartments. VISIONAPARTMENTS has developed the transparent and efficient approach to site acquisitions that has been appreciated by its sellers for years.  

If you own a property that you think would be a good fit and that is located in a region where we are currently seeking opportunities, please download our factsheet below, contact us and we will get back to you.

What we are looking for?

  • Properties in Switzerland: in Zurich, Zug, Bern, Basle, Lausanne, Geneva
  • Properties elsewhere in Europe: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna 
  • Existing multiple-family buildings with at least 75 units, existing office/commercial properties or hotels
  • Parcels of land (with or without corresponding projects)
  • Portions of larger buildings (hotel complexes, for example)
  • Existing serviced apartment houses or hotels (for acquisition)
  • Net floor area of at least 2,500 m2
  • At least 75 apartments (in new locations) (apartments general size is 35m2)
  • Vacant properties near city centres or well-developed agglomeration areas are preferred, as are business centres that would be suitable for short-term conversion projects
  • New projects, shell constructions, and properties currently in the planning phase
  • Properties from real estate portfolios, pools, bankruptcy proceedings, etc.